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About Me

About Me - Aditya M

My Experience

I have 17+ years of experience in the IT sector (Development and DevOps). While working on the development side, I always tinkered around with manual & automated deployments, reducing feedback cycle times, decreasing deployment times, server management etc. This fascination drew me to DevOps and I made a full-fledged switch into this field in the year 2017.

I have, since, done various courses in DevOps & Cloud technologies. I've also had the opportunity to implement DevOps for Java, DotNet, reactJS, Android & iOS projects.

Since DevOps is now a passion for me, and I see it misunderstood so often, I have started this Website to help others dig deeper into the field and explore it as I continue to uncover and share the secrets.

Super Efficient

Deeply Commited

Highly Skilled